Privacy and data management

Minera Chinalco Perú S.A. (“Chinalco”) recognizes the importance of our users' privacy. For this reason we have developed and published this Privacy and Data Management Policy, which describes the processing of personal data and the security measures we use to protect such information.

1. Introduction

Chinalco collects information related to visits made by users to its website, in order to provide a better browsing experience, as well as to provide a means of contact. The information collected may include, stating: (i) details about the sub-pages accessed from the Chinalco website, (ii) details of the pages that directed the user to our website, and (iii) information related to the browser and the user's location. This information allows for the provision of a better browsing experience by determining such aspects as the format to be used on our website, services and troubleshooting any problems arise while visiting.

2. Personal data

Personal data consists of all the information which may identify any natural person or that which makes them identifiable via the various means employed. Los datos personales comprenden toda información que pueda identificar a una persona natural o que la hace identificable a través de los distintos medios utilizados. Chinalco may collect different personal and sensitive data through our web forms (“Working Together”, “Contact Us”, among others), which will be stored in the data banks to be created for that purpose.

From the moment that you, the user enter your required personal data on the website’s forms, you guarantee the accuracy, truthfulness and updating of the information provided. By providing your information, you are expressly consenting to Chinalco's processing of your personal data for the purposes described herein. In the event of inaccurate, erroneous or false personal data being provided, Chinalco shall not be able to contact the user in order to fulfill the relevant purposes.

3. Object of personal data treatment

Chinalco acknowledges that personal data collected by the website will be treated for the purpose of proper management of requests, selection and recruitment, developing quality control of our services, attending to consultations, addressing complaints, among others. Under no circumstances will the processing of our users' personal data be extended to purposes other than those for which it was collected.

4. Consent

The granting of your free, previously and expressly informed, unequivocal consent is essential to Chinalco’s ability to process the personal data of users. Chinalco will inform the user prior to the collection of their personal data about the purposes for which they will be processed.

By means of the publication of this statement and your acceptance, the user grants his/her consent in order that Chinalco may carry out the treatment of your personal details as per purposes contemplated herein.

In the event that the personal data obtained are used for a different purpose for which they were collected, the prior consent of the user will be required.

5. Transmission of information to third parties

If the communication sent by the user of our website refers to any other company linked to Minera Chinalco Peru S.A., or any of its stakeholders, Chinalco will be equally authorized to transfer the personal data of that user to the related company or strategic partner of Chinalco mentioned in its communication. Chinalco, in compliance with legal and/or judicial mandates or some other competent authority, may find itself in need of sharing its users' personal data with some authority

6. Minors

For the processing of personal data of a minor, or of a person who is legally incapacitated, consent of a parental authority, guardian or care taker shall be required, as appropriate.

7. Period

The personal data collected will be kept by Chinalco for the period deemed necessary for the fulfillment of the purposes described herein and/or for the time indicated by any specific rules in this regard. Likewise, personal data may be revoked at the request of the user, unless any legal provision states otherwise.

8. Protection of personal data

Chinalco has adopted the security measures required by the applicable rules in force in the Republic of Peru and endeavors to treat personal data as confidential information in order to prevent and impede unauthorized access or disclosure and to ensure the appropriate use of the information.

Chinalco is not responsible for the risk of loss of personal data information, when the user performs the transfer of information to Chinalco's servers through his/her computer or mobile device.

9. Information, revocation and ARCO rights

Chinalco avails its users the possibility of exercising their rights under the current legislation by written communication (signed and with an attached copy of their ID or digital signature) addressed to Chinalco. Such request may be obtained through our website. The user may not exercise said rights by telephone, being that this medium does not allow any means of confirming his/her identity as the holder of the registered personal data.

The users are provided with a series of rights as per their personal details contemplated in the legislation on this matter, which they may exercise at any moment depending on their will, and which are stated as follows:

  • Information: The user may request information regarding his/her rights and/or the provisions of the Personal Data Protection Act.
  • Revocation: The user may revoke their consent provided for the processing of their personal data at any time, without prior justification and without any retroactive effects being attributed.
  • Access:  The user has the right to obtain information relating to his personal data subject to processing, as well as the reasons for, and the manner and conditions of its collection.
  • Corrections: The user has the right to request that any data found to be partially or totally inaccurate, incomplete, erroneous or false be modified.
  • Cancelation (suppression): The user may request the deletion or cancellation of his/her personal data from the personal data bank when it is no longer necessary or relevant for the purpose for which it has been collected, the deadline for their treatment has expired, or consent for its processing has been revoked.
  • Opposition: The user has the right to object, for any legitimate and well-founded reason, to any specific personal situation to appear in the data bank or to the processing of his personal data, provided that a law does not provide otherwise.

10. Use of cookies

Each time the user visits the Chinalco website, or makes use of any of its applications, Chinalco will authorize the information obtained through cookies the same processing that it provides for personal data information. The purposes of collecting information through cookies are the same for which personal information is collected.

11. Blogs, forums or social networks

Chinalco is not responsible for posts made by users within its blogs or forums. The opinions recorded in the blogs or forums, whether on this website or on their social networks, do not reflect Chinalco's position and are the sole responsibility of the user making the post.

In addition, Chinalco shall not be liable for any harm or damages made by users on its blogs, forums or social networks, which may stem from or result in the reproduction, distribution, posting of photos, videos or comments that are under the protection of the intellectual property rights of third parties.

Users yield Chinalco the rights they have over their comments, photos or videos posted on blogs, forums or social networks. Chinalco may use the information for any purposes it deems relevant.

Chinalco reserves the right to remove at its discretion any posts made on its forums, blogs or social networks, as well as the content found on its website without notice.

12. Changes to Web privacy policies

Chinalco reserves the right to make any changes it deems relevant to its privacy policy at any time without notice.

All of the above is in accordance with Law No. 29733 and its corresponding Regulations.

By clicking "I agree", clicking on any such button indicating consent, etc. the user is recognized as having read, including the points indicated in this Policy, as a means of granting consent for the processing of personal data for the purposes specified in the preceding paragraphs.

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