Our commitment is to preserve environmental resources

Minera Chinalco Peru has built a forestry greenhouse in the upper part of the workers’ 

camp, in Tuctu-Morococha, and in line with its commitment to give more work to the resendents of Morococha, known as “Morocochanos”, the administration of the work has been commissioned to the communal company of multiple services (ECOSEM).

The greenhouse aims to speed up the process of vegetation through the use of seeds of exotic, non-invasive species such as English rye grass and Agrostis tenuis, in combination with native species such as the Chachacuma (Senecio mutans) and Huamanpinta (Chuquiraga spinosa).

This work has been built and implemented aiming to reforest the zone and to investigate and propagate species that are under threat of extinction. In addition, part of its production will be planted in Carhuacoto, where we are building the new city of Morococha.